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Workshop Theme 7: Strengthening Women's Leadership Role in ASEAN and Australian Education


Thought leaders and practitioners in education who value and support the role of women in educational leadership.


In an ever changing, complex world the call for exceptional leaders in schools is needed. Diversity of gender should be reflected in these roles.

There are a number of current barriers that prevent women from applying for and taking on these roles. Australian research has found that many organisation have a “mono culture, valuing same- ness, not difference”. In addition to this, women can be marginalised for reasons such as not

re-entering the workforce after having children, displaying a non-traditional approach to leader- ship, and belonging to a minority group, which includes older women.

If we are to see more women considering careers in educational leadership in both ASEAN and Australia, then greater encouragement is required from principals, rectors and vice rectors and their colleagues, whether male or female. All potential leaders benefit from professional support and development, and this is especially the case for women. Women also particularly value the support of a network of women colleagues.


The workshop theme will explore:

  • The leadership challenges and opportunities facing women in education

  • The role of gender in both organisational and personal advancement.

  • Ideas for increasing the visibility of women as senior leaders in education.

  • Strategies for creating a lasting network of women leaders who are making a difference.

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