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Workshop Theme 1: Strengthening Engagement between Schools across ASEAN and Australia

Target Audience:

ASEAN and Australian school education system leaders and practitioners who value and support equipping school students and their teachers for regional & global citizenship and exchange.


Schools and education systems across the region and globe are currently being challenged to rethink the knowledge, skills and attitudes students need to be active and informed global citizens ready for the world and ready for the world and ready for work. In 2018 the OECD will introduce a new assessment of students' global competence as part of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). Global competence means intercultural collaboration, analysis of global issues, understanding difference and a shared respect for human dignity. OECD said "Facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities, this generation requires new capacities. Whether in traditional or more entrepreneurial work environments, young people need to collaborate with others from different disciplines and cultures, in a way that solves complex problems and creates economic and social value." (Global Competency for an Inclusive World, OECD 2016 p3).

Digital technologies are now enabling schools to open up their classrooms to the world. Students in Australia are now collaborating with students in all ASEAN countries through the Australia Asia School BRIDGE Program. Intercultural understanding is one of the most important capabilities we can develop in our students today. It is a cornerstone of positive citizenship and an essential capability in contemporary workplaces to meet the demand of the global economy.

The Workshop Objectives

The workshop theme will explore:

  • The benefits and outcomes of connecting school students and their teachers across the ASEAN/Australia region

  • What support needs to be put in place to enable school-to-school linkages including teacher preparation and access to and use of new technologies

  • Ideas for student collaboration across ASEAN and Australia

  • Strategies for strengthening an ASEAN-Australia schools' network

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