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Introducing The ASEAN Australia Education Dialogue

The ASEAN Australia Education Dialogue (AAED) Penang, Malaysia March 21st to 23rd 2018

Welcome to AAED 2018

 In this, our first newsletter we invite you to join us at AAED 2018, provide details of the inaugural conference content and its themes, offer Delegate, Sponsorship and Exhibitor opportunities and invite you to attend our Welcome Reception
 and Dialogue Dinner. Registrations for AAED 2018 are now open

 The Dialogue The AAED will involve key education and training stakeholders and thought leaders from ASEAN and Australia. It reflects the ASEAN-Australian commitment to a long-term education partnership informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 and Australia’s National Strategy for International Education 2025.

The Dialogue will strengthen the current links between Australia and ASEAN across key education sectors to build a broader ASEAN-Australia regional and global engagement. It will result in policy initiatives and partnerships between a range of ASEAN and Australian education organisations.

The AAED is expected to attract some 400 delegates with cohorts from each of the ASEAN member states and from Australia thus providing an opportunity to meet and connect in a communal environment. The Dialogue brings together leading regional and Australian Education and Training practitioners and providers with equal numbers from the 10 ASEAN member countries and Australia. It takes place directly after the ASEAN Australia Leaders Summit, 2018 in Sydney, Australia and immediately before the APAIE Conference in Singapore. Format The format for the Dialogue is workshop based, focusing on key themes impacting on the ASEAN Australian education relationship. We look forward to informed input by delegates on the key issues impacting each theme, the challenges and opportunities they raise and the agreed priority actions to address the issues. The Dialogue will align to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030) with a particular focus on Goal 4 Education. It is anticipated that the AAED will become part of the formal education architecture between ASEAN and Australia at rolling locations annually across ASEAN with Australia providing hosting services. The three day programme includes a Welcome Reception on Wednesday March 21st and a Celebratory Dinner on Thursday March 22nd 2018. For a detailed description of the programme and the Dialogue content check here. AAED Dialogue Theme

Building Regional Connectivity and Partnerships

Connect • Engage • Influence

Eight Education Themes linking ASEAN and Australia will be addressed

  • Strengthening Relationships Between Educational Institutions and Students Across the Region

  • Building English Language Competency; English as the Official Language of ASEAN

  • Strategies for Improving the Teaching of STEM

  • Improving Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Building Partnerships with Business and Industry

  • Strategies for Building the Quality of Transnational Education Delivery

  • Strengthening Alumni Relations and Opportunities for Student Mobility

  • Strengthening Women’s Leadership Role in ASEAN and Australian Education

  • Harnessing Digital Technology for Quality Education

  • Expand people to people and institutional links through best practice education partnerships between ASEAN and Australia.

  • Provide delegates with an opportunity to influence future ASEAN-Australia regional and global education engagement.

  • Strengthen ASEAN Australia Education and Skills Training co-operation.

  • Develop action plans for future regional and global engagement in education.

  • Host annual or bi-annual ASEAN Australian Education Dialogues in ASEAN.


In order to host the Dialogue we are inviting Sponsors to join us for this ground breaking gathering; the first multi-sector ASEAN Australia Education event in the region.

Sponsorship provides;

  • An opportunity to connect with Australian, ASEAN and Malaysian education providers across all sectors.

  • Recognition of support by both the Australian and Malaysian Governments and ASEAN Secretariat officials.

  • Opportunity to promote services offered to a diverse community of key decision makers.

  • Gaining an understanding of the Malaysian and ASEAN market needs.

Please download the Sponsorship Prospectus here or click here for Online Sponsorship registration. Malaysia

Malaysia is developing as a key ASEAN education hub and welcomes ASEAN and Australian delegates to the Dialogue to be held immediately after the ASEAN Australia Special Leaders’ Summit hosted by the Australian Prime Minister and the ASEAN Week celebrations in Sydney in mid March 2018. The Location

The Dialogue location at the Equatorial Hotel Penang offers an ideal high profile venue, close to UNESCO World Heritage Georgetown. Penang is sister city to Adelaide, with both cities designed by the famed colonial surveyor Colonel William Light. The hilltop venue for the Dialogue, the Equatorial Hotel Penang, is conveniently located 15 minutes from Penang International Airport and close to the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Maths and Sciences, University Sains Malaysia and historic Georgetown. The Hotel provides an ideal location for delegates to reflect on the issues and discuss an action plan to chart the future for the ASEAN Australia education partnership. Accommodation

Preferential rates have been negotiated for delegates and accommodation-booking options will be offered to delegates following the completion of Dialogue Registration.

The Dialogue Reception will be held at Suffolk House Penang, a stunning example of an Anglo Indian garden house and Malaysia’s only surviving Georgian Mansion originally built in the early 1800’s. It received the 2008 Award of Distinction in the UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Awards.

​​​​ Connecting before, during and after the Dialogue

You can join our community to exchange ideas and news and obtain AAED updates and information before, during and after the dialogue. Click here to Comment and Connect. We look forward to meeting you at AAED 2018 in Penang

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