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Workshop 4: Building Student and Staff Mobility Networks between ASEAN and Australia and within ASEAN


Target Audience:

ASEAN and Australian mobility program stakeholders responsible for managing and undertaking regional mobility programs, including both student and staff mobility. Stakeholders who seek to reference the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in the design of mobility. 




The UN Sustainable Development Goals cover 17 goals that require implementation to be realised. Some mobility planners across ASEAN, Australia and globally are taking on the challenge of how to implement these ambitious targets within mobility programs & how mobility partnerships can help. 

Examples will be given in the panel session on how both ASEAN and Australian providers are designing and implementing mobility programs and incorporating the SDG’s.


The Workshops Objectives:

 1. The challenges facing ASEAN and Australian educational institutions in addressing mobility design and practice;

2. Challenges faced in incorporating the SDG’s in mobility program design;

3. The role of education leaders in promoting two- way ASEAN Australia mobility as well as inter ASEAN mobility to both students and staff;  

4. Practical ways in which mobility programs can be improved and can incorporate the SDG’s.



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