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Prof Shanton Chang, Prof Ly Tran and Thomson Ch'ng (from left to right)

Australian education leaders recognise contributions from Malaysian and Vietnamese Australians 


Monday 11 Oct 2021: The annual Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) 2021 concluded last week with the winners of the prestigious International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) Excellence Awards 2021 announced at the opening plenary of the conference. 


Among the winners are Malaysian Australians Mr Thomson Ch’ng and  Prof Shanton Chang, as well as Vietnamese Australian, Prof. Ly Tran.


“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all winners across the categories of this year’s IEAA Excellence Awards, in particular the AAED Co-convenor, Mr Thomson Ch’ng for winning the Tony Adams Rising Star Award”, said Michael Fay, Director and Head of Education Services at ASEAN Focus Group (AFG VG) and Convenor of AAED. 


“Mr Ch’ng’s ongoing commitment and contribution to building a stronger ASEAN-Australia Education relationship is vital for Australia’s regional education architecture in and with the ASEAN region. This recognition is both timely and well deserved”, he added.


Mr Ch’ng’s fellow Malaysian Australian, Professor Chang is one of the two winners for the category of Distinguished Contribution to International Education, while Professor Tran is the winner for the category of Professional Commentary in International Education.


“As former international students in Australia who have become academics and professionals working in the sector, these three winners have demonstrated the importance of international alumni in strengthening Australia's engagement with its regional neighbours through education diplomacy”, said Mr Fay.


“The knowledge, expertise, cultural, business and linguistic background of our international diaspora has proven to be important in helping Australia engage more effectively with our regional and international partners”, he added.


The annual IEAA Excellence Awards recognise leaders and innovators behind Australia’s international education sector. 


Janelle Chapman, President of IEAA noted that the IEAA Excellence Awards recognise the contribution of talented leaders and innovators  in the sector. “The IEAA Board wishes to thank each of these outstanding individuals for their input over the past year. It is my pleasure to recognise the leaders who have supported the Australian international education and training sector,”.


To view the full list of winners and more information about the awards, visit

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