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AAED Webinar_George Town Adelaide v2 (1)


Date        : Tuesday, 8th December 2020

Time        : 11am - 12:30pm (Kuala Lumpur)

                  1.30pm - 3:00pm (Adelaide)

                  2:00pm - 3:30pm (Sydney)


Platform : Zoom 

This session is a special edition organised in conjunction with the 47th anniversary of the George Town ( Penang ) - Adelaide Sister City Relationship.

George Town has embraced the concept of Smart City, and is also looking at its own transformation into a Smart City by 2030. Aiming at enhancing the liveability, economy, civic participation, and balanced development in Penang, the Penang state government launched its vision in August 2018 of Penang2030: A Family-focused Green and Smart State that Inspires the Nation.

George Town’s Sister City - Adelaide has been recognised by global think tank The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) as one of the top 7 intelligent communities in the world’s top smart cities. Adelaide, as part of the Smart21 Communities demonstrated how their workforce’s development, innovation ecosystem, digital inclusion, engagement and sustainability, were all underpinned by digital connectivity as the key enabler of economic growth.

Drawing on the common aspirations of both sister cities, this session will explore the role of education partnership in the ecosystem in transforming the cities for a sustainable future.


This session will focus on:

  • Brief update on the response of Adelaide and George Town, Penang to the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Penang and South Australia’s aspiration in developing and positioning each state as a prominent centre for research, learning and education

  • Update on the latest initiatives on Smart Cities Development and the Role of Education partnerships

  • City of Adelaide’s 2020-2024 Strategic Plan

  • Penang’s Vision 2030 as a Family-focused, Green and Smart State that Inspires the Nation

  • The road forward to actioning the sister cities agreement first signed on the 8 Dec 1973

  • Aligning the sister cities’ sustainability plan with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030

This session is supported by the City of Adelaide.

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